China Tour 2005
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Beijing & Forbidden City

Great Wall


Watertown - Suzhou and Hangzhou

West Lake Cruise, Green Tea Farm, & Back to Shanghai

Shanghai at night

West Lake Cruise, Green Tea Farm, & Back to Shanghai

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Hangzhou from our hotel room

A sampan on West Lake in Hangzhou

It's a pretty lake

Sam, Carrie and Ann


An island on West Lake

It would be nice to live there

Our tour guide with Carrie & Ann

Chinese style bouys?

A green tea plantation, with women hand picking the leaves

Bus window reflections - sorry

Acres and acres of tea

A Chinese kitty cat - she still says, "Meow!"

Back in Shangahi for lunch

Ann's new Ride?

Ann strikes a better pose for the paparazzi

Rest area on the Hangzhou-Shangahi highway

Bus parking

GM builds vehicles in Shangahi

He's keeping the place neat (but the restrooms really reeked)

Entering Shangahi - those container ships are headed our way, but we'll get home before they do

The port of Shanghai

Our last dinner in China was eaten here

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