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These are not all the cars or trucks I have owned, just the most memorable.  I no longer own all of them, although I wish I did.  The Jaguar, the Mustang and the '86 Corvette are gone, but I remember them well.  Except for the Mustang which had a very small back seat, and the truck which has an occasional rear seat, the rest are strictly two-seaters.  The Jag and the '69 Vette could hold a third person for a very short trip, if she was small, but comfort and safety were minimal.  The newer Vettes simply cannot carry a third person.

My first ride in a sports car was a neighbor Dave Ridenour's XK120 Jaguar that was modified for SCCA racing.  I must have been all of fourteen when I would go to his garage and hang out waiting to be asked to help with some task, usually the dirty work he didn't want to do. My hands got dirty, but I didn't care, I was working on a car - a race car!


Gone for 50+ years

The two cars on the left and right are the bookends of my sports cars.  I bought the Jaguar when I was a callow youth in the Air Force, with barely enough money to keep it running.  The ZO6 on the left is my latest and greatest.

Something New

2019 Ford Edge ST
The Performance SUV

Sold Fall 2018

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Long Gone Still Driving this one Sold in 1991 On to a new job Sold this red car for the one above

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