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1986 Corvette
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These two images are taken from the 1986 Corvette Brochure
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My Mom and my Vette
This Corvette was almost a spur of the moment purchase.  While the 69 Vette was in the shop for some bodywork and repainting, I started looking at new Vettes, something I had avoided doing since the radically new 84's came out.  After a drive, I was hooked, and I ordered this one.  It was a late production model, with the new aluminum heads which were good for an additional 5 horsepower, as well as being a lot lighter.  My car had the Z51 heavy duty (read race) suspension, Anti Lock Brake System (ABS), Bose sound system, climate control, removable blue transparent roof, and a lot of so-called luxury options, including 6-way power Carmine Red leather seats.  The car was guaranteed to be capable of doing 150 mph, but the fastest I ever saw on the digital speedometer was 125 mph.  I would have gone faster, but the road had a lot of dips which made it hard to hold my foot down when I could only see a few yards in front.  It was a wonderful car, very capable at going, turning, and stopping.  I sold it when I retired in 1991, and I had to work hard to not miss it.  Ten years later I got lucky again!  
After a 15 year run, the third generation Corvette was replaced by the C-4 in 1984.  Virtually all new, except for the small block V8, it was finally a world class automobile.  By '85 it had port fuel injection and by '86, ABS and aluminum cylinder heads.  

Opened up


Red Leather

Digital Startup

In the park
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