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2007 C6 ZO6

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The last C5 ZO6 was a 2004 model, very similar to my 2001.  In 2005 first C6 Corvettes were available, but there was no ZO6 until 2006. 

I planned to buy this car for about 18 months, that is, in early 2005 I decided I liked the new C6 Corvette enough that I knew I wanted a ZO6 version when it became available.  Still smarting somewhat by the General's decision to increase the C5 ZO6's power from 385 to 405 the year after I bought my '01 ZO6, I decided to wait until the second model year for this car. 

I put my name on the list at the local Chevrolet dealer in April 2005 for a 2007.  On October 14, 2006 I gave the dealer a check for $1,000 and ordered this car from the factory to my specification, which included the body color, interior colors, and the options I chose which were:

  • -- LZ2 package which consists of features like memory package, heated seats, Bose sound system, auto-dimming mirrors, and similar foo-foo items - Actually the memory package and auto dimming mirrors are great.  The heated seats here in California, not such a good idea - we never use them.

  • -- GPS Navigation system

  • -- Competition Gray wheels (see the MSRP sticker below)

I was kept informed of the status of my order by the dealer; I knew when the order was picked up by the factory, when it was scheduled to be built, shipped, and it's arrivial at the dealer's.

Finally after months of waiting it arrived on Dec. 28, 2006, almost six years exactly from the day I bought the first ZO6.  The photos below were taken that day right after the car came off the transporter.

Arrival at Family Chevrolet

Right off the truck

Salesman Nick checks it out

This is a very exciting moment for me

I just want to drive it - soon it will happen

Plastic sheests protects the paint

More sheeting

Checking the interior

The interior is wel protected

The air dam is shipped inside

First wash by the PDI crew

I drove the car gently for the first 500 miles per the break-in instructions.  Then I opened it up!  This car is SO much faster than the old ZO6, it's almost unbelievable.  You had better be sure there is nothing in front of you when you pull the trigger, because 505 horsepower moves this 3120 pound missle very quickly indeed.  It is very, very fast!

 Just washed on 6 month anniversary

Big air intake and small scoop help the mighty 427 breathe

Fender flairs mark a ZO6 body, as does the side scoop on the front, carbon fiber fenders

Nice profile - rear brake vent scoops mark a ZO6

Door "handles" and spoiler are now red

Yep, it has 505 horsepower, that's five hundred and five!

Brake dust on the wheels, and a joker had a comment

Corvettes at Lake Tahoe has an annual show in June

Parked at a car show at Lake Tahoe with it's twin across the way

Dusk is falling

Now that I have driven the car for a few thousand miles, I can confidently say this sixth generation of Corvette is much better than the last.  This car is much faster and better performaing than the old one and yet is much smoother riding, quieter, and just more pleasant to be in.  The keyless entry and start is great, and the nav system is fun and useful to have. The General has done good -I like it! A lot.

Fun with numbers

This car cost me as much as the first 3 houses I bought in the sixties and seventies.  Two houses in town, and one on two acres in Sonoma County.

The total cost of options alone, $5,630.00, was more than my new $3,700.65 '63 Ford Galaxie 500XL, more than my new $3,728.35 '65 Mustang, and more than my $5,451.95 '69 Corvette.  Of course incomes were much less back then too.  This comparison really shows how prices inflate over time.

Then there was the $3,500 over MSRP I paid to be able to own this beauty. 
At the time most dealers were charging $10,000 to $20,000, so it was a bargan of sorts.

This locally produced brochure contains some interesting facts about the ZO6


My ZO6's Build Information


The next 3 shots show a ZO6 (not mine) during final assembly at Bowling Green, KY

Farewell ZO6
In the Fall of 2018 I had to sell this wonderful car because of a physical imparement.  I took the next 3 photos on the last day I drove it


The ZO6 has a dual mode exhaust system.  Baffels on the mufflers can be opened for a less restricted exhaut, and more noise.  For some it wasn't loud enough, so they came up with a modificatiion.

Using GM supplied photos I show the features of this exclusive engine, and who built mine.
ZO6 Muffler Mod LS7 Details