China Tour 2005
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Beijing & Forbidden City

Great Wall


Watertown - Suzhou and Hangzhou

West Lake Cruise, Green Tea Farm, & Back to Shanghai

Shanghai at night

Watertown - Suzhou and Hangzhou
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Watertown is the "Venice of the East"

We took a boat tour through the canals

Some waterways are open like this

Others are smaller, and lined with living quarters

This is a floodgate

A picturesque bridge

People live here...

Interesting stone work

Notice the stairs

...and the laundry

Chinese laundry?

The buildings are incredibly old

Taken with a mirror on the bus

Our "rickshaw" driver's back

That's us ready to go

His wife is waiting to help push over the bridge

Cobble stone vibrations

Narrow street lined with shops

Locals shopping

These ladies are right at home

We'll walk around from here

Finely carved stone

More tourists

A shy baby girl across the canal

Your's truly

500 year old building with TV & Internet cables

You should smell this place!

It's true, 500 years old

The lady was washing shoes in the canal water

What a nice view from a front door

This little guy had open bottom pants for quick release

New equipment in an old setting

It's really a nice peaceful setting

The "other side of the river"

The pump was moving water to a higher canal

Homes lined this narrow alley

Like this living room

Bicycle powered "pickup"

More cobble stone induced jitter

An old gentleman

Sun behind a bridge

Child safety seats aren't required

Blurry, but you get the point

That's our driver, er, pedaler

View from our hotel room. Nice gardens!

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