China Tour 2005
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Beijing & Forbidden City

Great Wall


Watertown - Suzhou and Hangzhou

West Lake Cruise, Green Tea Farm, & Back to Shanghai

Shanghai at night

The Great Wall
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Our first glimpse of the Great Wall

Across the canyon from th eparking lot

Gateway to the Gateway to the Great Wall that we entered through

Details of the gate

More details of the gate

Looking across the valley

Another view

Now we're really climbing

and climbing...

Carrie & Sam at about the point where I had enough of the climb

Notice how the steps are worn

Them again

It's pretty far down

And pretty far up too

Looking down from the top of my climb

This soldier was gracious enough to pose with me. He was very friendly.

Notice the red marks on the mountain

Now that's a small van!

Like a shoe box for me

Child acrobats at a Chinese medicine dinner show

They were really good!

We were mesmerized

Escecially by this young boy

Our five star hotel bedroom - it was tops

Even the bathroom was Five Star

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