China Tour 2005
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Beijing & Forbidden City

Great Wall


Watertown - Suzhou and Hangzhou

West Lake Cruise, Green Tea Farm, & Back to Shanghai

Shanghai at night

Arrival in Beijing Airport and tour of the Forbidden City
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Beijing International arrival area

The entire airport will be replaced for the 2008 Olympics

6AM & we're pretty groggy from an all night flight

Trying to get ourselves together for the big day of sightseeing

Arrival area from the bus taking us to breakfast

Leaving the airport

Still on the bus...

Don't know why I took this one

Lots of bicycles in China

Where we will eat breakfast, our first meal in China

Better know how to use chopsticks!

3 stories of food service

Police car & motorcycle. Pretty small

Speaking of small, this car is tiny

Fireworks shop from the bus

More traffic as we walk to the Forbidden City

The North Gate of the Forbidden City, home of the Notrh Gate of the Forbidden City, home of the Chinese Emperors

We're milling around waiting for our tour to begin

Looking North to the palace on the hill

We're still waiting, but it is interesting

That's us i China!

Sam & Carrie

More of the Forbidden City

Mr. Hollywood standing by the moat

Still posing

Andrew, our Tour Guide

History of the Forbidden City

Inside of an ornate dome

Ann in the rock garden

Emperor's quarters

There we are in the cold

Construction crew

Dust under control

It is really enormous

The huge jug holds water for fire control

Carved stone & chattering teeth

Cross between a turtle and a dragon

Interior shot - hard to get due to crowds pressing in

Carved dragons protect the building

Stairs & tourists

Same scene, different viewpoint

My jacket is back at the hotel

His trousers need attention

Renovation work is done behind the screen

I'm trying to mimic him

Still more of the Forbidden City & The Summer Palace

The Chinese Army is out for drills...

Somebody forgot the ironing board

Snappy looking guy in his dress uniform

Mao is still revered here, surprisingly

Ann & the Chairman

Now it's Pete's turn

And both of us...

We're walking to Tienamien Square

And this is the place, famous, or infamous depending on your perspective. It is harmless looking today

Not many people milling around except for our fellow tour members and the ever present sellers hawking their wares

Freshwater pearl "factory" and a subway station under construction

Part of the Summer Palace

And again...

More of the Summer Palace. It's cooler here than in the Forbidden City!

The lake that helps keep the Summer Palace cool

Summer Palace again

We're trying to stay warm

Paddle boat ride anybody?

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