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1981 Special CBX
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In the beginning...

Coming together

Proud builder
You won't find another CBX like this one.  Honda didn't make it like this, I did.  From a wrecked 1990 Honda VFR I took the  fork, wheel, brakes, and handle bars, and the single sided swingarm with the wheel and brake.  I put these parts on a bare 1981 CBX frame.  The result is a CBX with modern suspension and modern radial tires.  I'm not finished with it yet. I plan to raise it slightly, and paint it black with orange striping.  I am also working on a 1305 cc (stock is 1047) motor that should produce about 120 rear wheel horse power.

Now I'm riding it...

It's licensed, and almost legal.

Brand new gages and VFR bars

Parked by a friend....

In August 2006 I sold my CBXVFR to my friend Jeff as he had ideas for completing it.  At the time, I was just too busy fixing up my 1969 Corvette to devote any more time to the project.

This row shows the bike being rolled out and on the trailer

Morro Bay 2009
  And here it is, almost finished at the Morro Bay 2009 Meet  

The final outcome - click any photo to enlarge

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