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CBXs Meet at Morro Bay in 2007
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Pizza Port - Hi Andy!

Hey Paul

Our hostess, Donna

Noel and Eric are having fun

Mark all your work is appreciated. Well done!

Randy brought his Peterbilt

What is says

Herbie and Darrell back together again

NASCAR limo is waiting for the ladies

You're beautiful ladies

Once again


What's goin' on?

It must have been funny

Jeff and Susan seem intent on something

That's how is is when the gang gets together

The parking lot was ours

Paul is having a good time thinking he is invisible

Dinner was served

Everybody looks sated (satisified to excess)

That's for the tach-speedo Paul

Well, it fits pretty well

The boys are having a great time

As is Eric with his steering wheel heat shield

Kim won a Jamaha Jacket

Yep, that's how to make a rocking chair